Please follow the following instructions to ensure a trouble free arrival of inserts:

Inserts should arrive a minimum of 5 working days prior to the despatch of the title. Of course, inserts can be accepted earlier providing they are identified as stated below.

All deliveries must be clearly identified with the following information:

  • Title of the insert
  • Title of the publication
  • Issue number/date of the publication
  • Publishers name
  • Quantity per parcel

We are unable to inspect and count incoming quantities and consequently cannot under any circumstances warrant these quantities. Failure to comply with the above criteria could result in inserts not being processed to the agreed time scale.

A written request is required from you within 7 days after the despatch date confirming instructions for any inserts which may remain after completion of the title, if these instructions are not received in writing then any remaining items may be destroyed.


  • Inserts contained in a parcel below A5 size should be bound with elastic bands.
  • Folded inserts presented in stacks should be turned through 180 degrees in suitable quantities, but never turned upside down. Turning in quantities of less than 20 would make the production process very slow and may incur extra costs.
  • All multiple fold inserts must have at least one “closed edge” for mechanical processing, therefore at least one edge must be formed by a fold. This folded edge is the leading edge being fed into the publication.
  • Concertina fold inserts cannot be processed mechanically and therefore the conditions under hand inserts will apply.
  • All loose inserts must be at least 5mm below the size of the publication, both in length and width. The minimum size for successful machine insertion is A6 (148mm x 105mm).
  • If there are inserts outside the above parameters e.g. strange shapes, oddities and cut outs, you are advised to contact us early to discuss the requirements. Such inserts cannot be fed mechanically, and will therefore very likely require extra time and incur additional cost to position them by hand

We regularly process many different types of inserts (pens, sweets, post-it notes etc.) These extra operations can also include attaching CD’s, sachets or other similar free samples and promotional items on the cover or specific text pages within your publication.



Weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly magazines and one-off catalogues and brochures. Full range of mailing and hand finishing services available, including loose inserts/outserts and cover mounts. Large and small publishers accommodated so why not let us quote for your publication.


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