All bound in inserts for saddle stitched publications, must have a provision for a minimum binding lap, and a head trim, alternatively a tail trim if it is to be bound to the foot of the product. Please call us on (01202) 871766 regarding the dimensions and trims required.

When knocked to the head the binding lap will appear on the back half of the insert or at the front if knocked to the foot, this enables the binding machine to open the insert at the centre and place it on the stitching saddle. Four page inserts appearing in the centre of the magazine should be a minimum paper weight of 80gsm.

Single page inserts can be accepted in paper weights from 80gsm to 300gsm but must have the correct head trim and a binding guard. The guard should be at least a one third of the full trim width (e.g. 70mm for an A4 page size).

The binding guard is required to hold the insert on the stitching saddle during collation. Single page inserts can only appear in the second half of the magazine. Inserts which are intended to be the same size as the finished magazine will require provision for an additional trim (minimum 5mm) on both the foredge and the tail to allow them to cut cleanly to size as the magazine is trimmed.

Inserts which are intended to be smaller than the trimmed size of the magazine in which they appear, (minimum size 100mm x 75mm), must be pre-trimmed, except the head trim, before collating.




Inserts of four pages or more which are intended to be smaller than the magazine in which they appear must also be pre-trimmed other than the head before collating, but because of the binding lap requirement, will appear stepped by 9mm from the centre of the insert. This will only be immediately apparent if the insert is placed in the centre of the magazine.



If these are to be the same trim size as that of the magazine, the usual head and foot trims must be catered for, but the foredge of the gatefold must be supplied 5mm short of the overall spine to foredge measurement. Special attention must also be paid if the magazine is bulking excessively, as this allowance may not be sufficient.



Any insert to be perfect bound in must be positioned before or after a complete text section and not within the centre of a section.  Please call us on (01202) 871766 regarding the dimensions and trims required.

Inserts which are to be smaller than the eventual size of the magazine must be pre-trimmed, with the exception of the head and spine, which must include the correct head and foredge trims. The minimum size of the insert supplied, excluding head trim, is 100mm x 150mm.


If a four page section is supplied, the gatefold must be right hand opening, with a head trim, foot trim, plus a binding guard. In addition, the fold must be 5mm short of the foredge trim, and the opening two pages must be 9mm short of the spine.


For queries or samples of any of the above, call us on (01202) 871766 or use our contact form on homepage and we will be please to assist.


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